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Churches and the CU

If you're coming to York and thinking about joining a church group - you will be well served here! I remember being told as a first year, rather proudly, that there are 52 churches in the city-- one for each Sunday of the year, including a leap year! Whether you love the tradition or want to rave it up on a Sunday, with such a selection there really is something for everyone!

From my experience it's best to be open minded about choosing a church. Spend time in the first term having a bit of a hunt around different places and getting to know the congregations (trying to speak to real live adults too - not just the students!). The Christian Union believes passionately in the importance of being part of a church in York, and there will be reps from most churches in York attending main CU meetings to answer any questions you may have. The reps will also be around on Sundays to walk with people to the different churches.

After having had a bit of a hunt, the best thing to do is just pick somewhere and get stuck in. No church is entirely 100% perfect but every church will have something to offer; after all, being a part of a church community is an immensely helpful part of being or looking at Christianity. We've talked to different vicars / pastors / minsters / nice people and they are all looking forward to welcoming you into their church family!

Not all the churches in York are listed below, but a good selection of churches attended by students within the CU are. If there is a church not listed below that you think should be, please let us know at web@uycu.org.uk and we will try and add it!

We will be meeting at 9.45 at Vanbrugh Stalls to walk to different churches on Sunday morning! Information will also be available from the CU Church reps at the first CU Meeting.

What is the CU? CU stands for Christian Union (its also sometimes referred to as UYCU - University of York Christian Union). The CU is a large group of christians, and some non christians, from all types of backgrounds who are interested in learning more about God. We are passionate about discovering more of who Jesus is in the bible, and what He means for our lives now, even in the 21st century. We're not a church but are a huge group of friends who all enjoy being together on our campus and spending time doing various exciting activities! We meet on Saturday evenings as a large united group and throughout the week in each colleges, where loads of different activities and events happen.

More information about the Christian Union can be found on the website - www.uycu.org.uk or by emailing socs25@uycu.org.uk